Sunday, June 9, 2013

3 Things

Just recently I read two articles about the 1-3-5 rule. In general it is about setting the personal goal to complete one big, 3 medium and 5 small tasks every day. A really great web application to support this goal is "My 1-3-5 list".

Altough I like the concept, I have implemented another list, my "3 Things" (in GoogleDocs, which is perfect for editing it from everywhere). There are three areas (self-development, must, want) with 3 slots each. Every evening I record, what I have accomplished throughout the day. In my opinion it helps to categorize the things you do to keep track, if your life goes the right direction (you could also tag your tasks with wants and musts).

3 Things List - Example

I try to follow these rules:
1. self-development: Try to accomplish 3 but not much more. On the one hand this is about bringing me further but on the other hand it is about focus, so that I do not try to get more things done than necessary.
2. want: I try to do 3 things I want to do every day. If those are more, it is even better.
3. must: Those are the things I have to do (e.g. taxes). Normally I try to minimize this things but I am really proud of everything I can put in here.

During my Weekly Review, I go though this list and I can see my accomplishments of the last week at a glance. This enables me to see if I have set the right focus for the last week.