Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Priority List for Projects

One part of my productivity system is a priority list for my projects that I have in Evernote. In this list all my areas of responsibilties are listed. I update this list regurlarly in my weekly review, with the projects I want/have to accomplish the next week. For every area only one project is allowed. I started this list because there always were projects that I had not finished for weeks which was bothering me.

Below you find an example list with some areas of responsibilities, the projects with links to the regarding project sheet (which will be explained in detail in a later post) and a counter, which I am going to explain below. As you see, I do not always add a project to every area of responsibility.

Projects with priority list (Example)

I know that I could have found these projects in my weekly review and should have reacted accordingly. But there is one simple trick that improves the progress of my project a lot.

If I add a project, I set a counter on 0. When I check the list in my weekly review I increment the counter by 1 when the project is not finished or remove it from the list (e.g. it is finished or I cannot process with the project as I am waiting for someone to fulfill a task for me). When the counter is on 5 (so 5 weeks have passed) and I have not finished the project, I have to think about the reasons. Obviously the "maximum" value for the counter is quite arbitrary and I think you should choose this value by experience.

Maybe the next action I have set for the project is not detailed enough or I do not really want to proceed with the project. The important trick is here that this list always shows me quite plainly when I am not doing enough to finish a project.

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