Sunday, March 24, 2013

Zendone - 1 year (and a bit) later

The first post I published on this blog was about Zendone. It was my motivation to start this blog, as I thought this tool could help other people to improve their productivity the same way it improved mine. Now, Zendone just finished its Beta phase a month ago and started to offer a premium upgrade, I thought it would be time to review Zendone again and show what has changed since then.

First of all I am still a passionate Zendone user and I have upgraded to Premium. As far as I can see from the comments under the announcement, there are a lot of Zendone fans, who have done the same. Although some users complaint, that there is still no Android app. On the one hand, I think it is right to complaint, as there are a lot of companies, that go iOS first (I use an Android tablet and know that problem). On the other hand, this is a small company with restricted developer (and financial) resources and the Android app is on its way. So in my opinion, plaindrops should take their time to build a high-quality app, that matches the standard of their current versions.

As I wrote in my first article, I was waiting desperately for the iOS app. In the meantime plaindrops published the iPhone app. For me, it meets the requirement to have my tasks on the go, but still the web app is the main place for my project and task processing.

The main concept of the web app stayed the same (though the order of the sections was changed since then): There is a "do" panel for your next actions, a "review & organize" view for the processing of your tasks and projects and a "process inbox" for your incoming reference files and tasks.

I will not go much into detail, about all the new features. There are a lot of information on the Zendone-blog (as in the last Change Log). One of the main aspects that have changed since my first review are the areas of responsibility. The initial status were only two default configurations "home" and "work". Now, you can create your own areas of responsibility and I have aligned those to my Evernote "folders". Nevertheless, for me the "all" view is the most important one, to be able to see all open tasks at once.

The logic of the "do" view was overhauled in July of last year and this has enhanced Zendone remarkably. It does not only show the starred actions (though this feature is still available) but all next actions (the first open task) from every project. So now it makes much more sense to sort the actions of your project in the way you want to work on them.

Zendone still lacks some important functions, like the archiving of old projects (up to now all my closed projects are stored in a folder called "archive") and the creation of subprojects. Zendone has improved the core functions and added some really important features as well. I hope the money that comes from the premium option helps plaindrops to implement some of the requested features.

All in all Zendone is still the right tool for me as it is fast, intuitive and gets the job better done than any app I have used before.

--- Update from 2013-06-09 ---

The Android app for Zendone is in Beta now. If you want to have more information on this check the entry in the Zendone blog. I am already using the Beta version and I am quite pleased. I will add more information when version 1.0 is ready.


  1. Hi Nils,
    Thanks a lot for writing this nice article about Zendone in your blog.
    We are really happy to have you on board for a year!!
    All the best

    Zendone team

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