Saturday, March 9, 2013

KustomNote - Note Templates for Evernote

On KustomNote, the Evernote's Silver Devcup winner of 2012, you can create note templates for Evernote. It was made for those people, who constantly create notes using the same structure again and again. It allows you to create templates for those notes with defined fields, tags, folder and other configurations. One great feature of KustomNote is the possibility to share your note templates and to use the public available note templates as well. In this post, I will give an overview of how KustomNote works.

In the main menu of the app you can see the templates you create. By clicking on one of the buttons, you create a new note using this template. We will come to that later. As you can see, I have created some templates for my productivity tasks, like new projects or goals. There is also a button for "New Template".

Note Templates

When creating a new template, you first add some details about the template (e.g. name, description and the icon which is shown in the main menu) and some specifications for the storing in Evernote (folder and tags).

One of the things I like most about KustomNote is, that you can select a Note Theme and a color for your note, so you can create really unique notes from every template.

Note Theme and Color selection

The definition of fields for your Evernote template is the most important part of the template creation. You set a title for every field and choose from several types. This can be very straight-forward types like "One line text" but also so-called SmartFields for Movies or GoogleContacts. You can add some additional details to the fields. The "Use for Tagging" option is one of my favourites, as the automatical tagging saves me a lot of time.

Define fields for the template

By clicking on a template, you are directed on the "new note" screen. The fields we defined for this template can be filled. As you can see, there is a calendar widget for the "Date and Time" field we added.

Create a note from template

This is the result in Evernote. The note was added with the design that we chose.

Result in Evernote

KustomNote is one of the few web services, that make my life much easier. If you have only one note type for which you use always the same structure, I would recommend you to try this service. It is a very intuitive and fun way to create note templates with beautiful results.


  1. Nils - I've stumbled on to Kustomnote over the past week and have been loving it. The one thing that I cannot figure out though is "how to save the Kustomnote to a shared Evenote folder?"

    Example - I have put together forms for a real estate agent to use with her clients when previewing homes. They fill out the form with their notes, but THE AGENT is sharing HER folder with the CLIENT. When the client goes to upload it to a shared folder (shared with her by the agent) it does not come up in the list. Any Thoughts? Thanks!

    1. I have not thought about this, yet. I have asked KustomNote on Twitter, if there is any possibility to do that.