Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The secret weapon - Evernote + GTD

The secret weapon describes a way to setup Evernote in order to implement GTD without any third party apps/services. The description is very detailed containing a summary in text form and several videos about the motivation, setup of Evernote and usage.

For "The secret weapon" an action is stored in form of a note. For open TODOs there is the notebook "Action Pending", finished items are transferred to the notebook "Completed". For reference items the notebook "Cabinet" is used. All TODOs are tagged with the necessary information like the context "@Home". All tags are described on the website and in the video about "Prepping Evernote for TSW". 

"The secret weapon" is not only about the implementation of GTD in Evernote, but also about the general challenges faced when getting things done. The "Weekly Review" describes how to focus on the bigger picture and why there are tasks, which remain undone for a long time.

If you are still searching for a possibilty to use Evernote with GTD, I would totally recommend to try the secret weapon.

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