Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top 5 ways for problem-solving

As an office worker who sits in front of a screen all day, I sometimes face tasks, I just cannot solve. And unfortunately it does not help to stare at the monitor. Therefore I have tested the following 5 steps as the best methods to get it done. I would very much recommend to try them in this order.

1. Take a  breath
First of all close your eyes for a few seconds and take 5 deep breaths. The oxygen will help you to think more clearly. Sometimes this is all you need.
2. Go grab a coffee
This did not help? Try to stand up and walk around. I use this time to get a coffee or tea. Most of the time, even when I do not think about the current issue, I have a flash of genius, which helps me to solve the task.
3. Do something else
A good option if you are stuck with a problem, is to do another task. There is always something, that can be done, which is better than staring at your screen. For example, answer some e-mails, just do not think about the issue.
4. Ask someone else
With "ask someone else" I do not mean to request the solution from another person. It happened several times that I have started explaining an issue, just to find out, that the solution is very easy. This is connected to the fact, that you see the problem from another point of view. If you do not want to disturbe anyone, try to explain it to yourself. Ask yourself what information you have and what is missing. It is a good exercise to learn to examine problems from different sides.
5. Sleep over it
A lot of times, I wanted to solve a problem before going home, but just could not wrap my head around it. Next morning it was only a matter of minutes to get the solution. Sometimes a night sleep can do more for your task than hours of working.

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