Sunday, June 10, 2012

Flipboard for Android

I have recently downloaded the Beta Version of Flipboard for Android and installed it on my HTC Flyer. As I have already described Flipboard for iOS is the perfect tool for reading news and getting a quick look at what is going on in your social media accounts.

When I started the app first, I was informed that my screen is too large for this version of the app but it works nevertheless. The reason is simple: The app looks like the iPhone version and therefore is not optimized for a 7 inch screen. In the release note of the current update, it is emphasized that this version is for smartphones.

 Flipboard for Android

First of all, the app looks really good. Even more important Flipboard has accomplished to transfer the experience from the iOS devices to Android. This is especially great for people like me who own devices with both operating systems.

One big advantage of the Android OS are widgets. Fortunately Flipboard offers two widgets in the current version (4x1 and 4x2) which show a preview of a current article.

  Flipboard Widget

I think, it is great, that a lot of popular iOS-only apps get an Android version, too (e.g. Instagram and Instapaper). Those are not the promised Android exclusive apps but finally there is a better awareness, that apps for both platforms are important.

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