Monday, March 12, 2012

Writing a bachelor thesis with Evernote

I am currently in the process of finishing my Bachelor thesis. This is the reason why I have not posted a lot the last weeks.

Just today, I noticed, how vital Evernote was during the last weeks. As I am so used to the comfort Evernote supplies, I cannot imagine, what my writing process would have looked like without it. I do not want to go into detail about what I wrote, but I think, my practices can be useful for this sort of work.

My first step was research. For every reference (literature etc.), I wanted to use, I  instantly added an Evernote note. These references were documents or websites that were included in that note. If it was a book I bought, I just added a link from Google Books or Amazon with a  picture of the book. I also had a list with ideas I maybe want to implement in my paper and for every idea I used note links for the source, so I could reference to it later.

I have tagged every note with the "project bachelor thesis" tag. With a link on the menu bar I could jump to my notes within a second. The main topics  of my thesis got a tag of their own. Thanks to the possibility of subtags, those tags were sorted under the "project bachelor thesis" tag.

I have created notes for each of my main results (diagrams, tables etc) and created a master note with note links, so I got a short table of contents. The idea for master notes comes from the Evernote eBook by Daniel Gold (affiliate link), which I would recommend you to read, if you are interested in using Getting Things Done® with Evernote.

For the first time I could use some of Evernotes great premium features, that I normally do not require.
  • PDF search in order to check, where I have read something
  • Monthly uploads to 1GB
  • Work together with the people that proofread my thesis
Unfortunately I am not able to use Evernote at work. The possibilities this would offer will be the topic of another post.