Sunday, February 5, 2012

Egretlist - an Evernote TODO-List

Egretlist is a TODO-List-app for your Evernote todos, i.e. for notes with checkboxes, for your iPhone. It is a basic GTD app, where Evernote tags are used for the different GTD categories, like Next, Contexts and Projects.

This is the main menu. You can see it is designed like a real notebook. The app is completly designed on this principle. 

main menu of Egretlist

By clicking on "+" you add a task. You can also link attachments like pictures, links, audio notes to those tasks. These attachments are synchronized in the Evernote notes.

add tasks in Egretlists

task in Egretlist

As checkboxes are so last millenium I only use Egretlist as a tool for checklists. For task management my choice is Zendone

As I have recently found out, the developer MindsMomentum was bought by Evernote to build the coming todo app. Maybe you get a first impression what it will look like.

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