Sunday, January 29, 2012

Your desk in the clouds

Desk In The Clouds is another way of seeing your Evernote notes. The German developer, who won the student price at 2011s Evernote Developer Competition, gives you the opportunity to range your evernote notes like sheets of paper on a desk. It satisfies those users, that require a more creative way of looking at their notes, that is not bound to a certain order.

How to use Desk In The Clouds

In a box on the right you can pick any note you want and put it on your main desk, additionally you can have one desk for any tag in your Evernote. Every note is rendered as paper sheet and can now be moved and rotated. All notes can be resized, so that only a certain part of it is shown.

I like that the developer has added some nice details. The tags offered vary in size depending on amount of notes related and every tag for which a desk was added is surrounded by a gloss effect.

How I use Desk In The Clouds

In the introduction video there are presented some use cases for Desk In The Clouds. For me, the application is the perfect solution for my goal planning. In Evernote I have notes for every goal I set for myself. In Desk In The Clouds I can now order them hierarchically to differentiate between short term and longer term goals and to underline which goal supports another. As I am able to color the notes, I can even track, which goals are in progress and which are finished.

In my opinion Desk In The Clouds would be a perfect tablet app, so I hope that this solution will be developed for iOS/Android devices soon. I do not understand, why Evernote has not integrated that function in the first place. I am glad that Desk In The Clouds fills that gap. It is one more example for the possibilities the Evernote API offers.

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